Pain is one of the commonest words used in today’s life. Thanks to the lifestyle and eating
habits. It is very easy to think if you don’t have to do strenuous physical labor you can’t
injure yourself. But actually, office workers face a lot of physical pain due to sedentary
working style.

Bad posture during work is one of the main reasons of pains and problems.
To overcome this pain, one need the understanding of which workplace habits are causing
the pain and problems.

It is unfortunate that people wait until the pain becomes problem. However, proactively
reducing the risk of employees developing MSDs before they arise can prevent future
pain and boost productivity.

The key to combating MSDs is spreading awareness about the harmful activities and
how to tackle the issues.

Physiotherapists have a deep and better understanding of the strains caused by poor
working habits and the contributing factors which lead to the development of
musculoskeletal problems. They can have even better understanding of the problem by
speaking to the employer, they understand the working patterns and needs of staff to
create a tailored strategy.

This includes taking a holistic view of the patient, focusing on increasing physical
activity, improving aspects of emotional wellbeing which can contribute to pain,
enhancing an employee’s general health and wellbeing, as well as traditional
interventions such as workplace ergonomics.

A healthy and knowledgeable workforce not only boosts productivity by reducing the
number of sick days but means employees are free from the distraction of pain and
stress while at work.

Identifying the problem

Often, MSDs go hand in hand with poor mental health, with constant pain and
discomfort being linked to stress and anxiety. Employees avoiding physical triggers
could find their mental health improved, as their mood is lifted and they achieve better
quality sleep thanks to relief from the nagging pain.

Make it a better place to work

Making your workplace fit for all employees will drastically reduce absences and those
who recognize the positive steps being taken to ensure a better productivity.

If you or anybody you know are facing similar issues, you may call Align Body today for
more information.


  • Martin Moore
    Posted October 27, 2017 3:38 pm

    there are many medical advisors and doctors that do not communicate with their patients. luckily for us we have found this amazing website!

    • Miki Williams
      Posted October 27, 2017 3:38 pm

      I liked working with the support team – they know everything about their products and are simply great!

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