What is exactly Exercise Therapy?

It is s a therapy where a systemic execution of planned physical movements, postures, or activities intended to enable the patients to reduce risk, enhance function, remediate or prevent impairment, optimize overall health, and improve fitness and well‐being. Many physiotherapists believe in this therapy for helping their patients recover.

What role does exercise therapy plays in physiotherapy?

Exercise Therapy can provide a lot of health benefits:
• Restore the body from injury and the effects of disability
• Improves strength, flexibility, and range of movement
• Reduces the likelihood of re-injury
• Minimize re-occurrence of certain conditions or functional decline

What is the difference between exercise therapy and physical therapy?

Where physical therapy focuses on restoring movement to the restricted parts of the body, exercise physiology seeks to relieve symptoms through the cellular effect of exercise on the body.

What are some physical therapy exercises?

Ankle Strengthening Exercises
• Lower Extremity Range of Motion Exercises
• Lower Extremity Strengthening Exercises
• Neural Glide Exercises
• Scapular Strengthening Exercises
• Shoulder Range of Motion Exercises
• Shoulder Strengthening Exercises
• Shoulder Strengthening with Bands Exercises
• Spine Exercise Exercises
• Stretching/Range of Motion exercises
Now you can have all the benefits from the exercise therapy and really can enjoy life better. Book your appointment at Align Body today and feel he difference.

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Dr Richa Gupta is Masters in Physiotherapy with specialization in orthopedics and spine. She is Certified and trained Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction(APBC) practitioner from Robbie Goodrum (Thailand and USA)

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