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Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is a kind of treatment that is proven to aid the recovery from simple and more complex injuries, that happened due to an accident or facing it from birth.

Align Body has faith in this therapy and based on it we ensure the patient achieves maximum outcome and feels better.

During the treatment of exercise therapy in Delhi, we will guide you through some exercises that you can practice at home to manage your pain when it strikes.

In some critical conditions, you may be prescribed one-to-one personal training sessions.

What is Exercise Therapy?

Exercise Therapy is defined as a paramedic treatment technique that includes a regular plan of physical activities for a person who is suffering from any disability or physical disorder. It aims to reduce and avoid complaints that occur due to incorrect posture, and movement and sometime it could be genetic and caused by a birth defect.

What we do at Align Body (Center of Exercise Therapy in Delhi)

Our physiotherapist in Delhi maintains a state of well-being with the method of neuron re-educationtherapeutic activities, and GAIT Training. It is the execution of planned physical movement, postures, and physical activities require in day-to-day life for the following outcome like

  1. Enhance body part functioning
  2. Remediate or prevent impairment
  3. Reduce risk
  4. Optimize overall health
  5. Improve fitness and well being
  6. Improve motion range of targeted parts

This therapy is related to specific muscles or body parts that assures the recovery patient to the peak of his/her physical condition. It requires high dedication and time because it is a repetitive and intensive exercise method. The guidance should be taken from a professional having an educational background in exercise science, exercise physiology, etc.

Techniques follow at Exercise Therapy Center in Delhi

Techniques of exercise therapy used can be classified into two categories, passive movement and active moment.

Passive movements: It includes (Motion therapy, continuous passive), which means continuous motion to the applied joint. The apparatus should be used immediately after the operation to improve healing, reduce pain and improve range of motion.

Relaxed passive movements

The physiotherapist needs to have the anatomy of joints; he/she moves the joint through the existing free range and within the pain limit.

Accessory movements

It includes rotational movements which are a part of the normal joint movement but absent in some abnormal joint conditions, it can be performed by physiotherapies and doesn’t need any volunteers.

Some passive manual mobilization techniques

  1. Mobilization of joints which are usually small in repetition, rhythm, and various amplitude in the available range.
  2. Manipulation of a joint that is localized accurately with quick decisive movements including small amplitude with high velocity before the restriction force applied by the patient

Active movements: It is implemented in a controlled way with the help of voluntary action in the opposite direction to an external force.

Active Exercise

In the exercise, the patient himself/herself tries to perform it. However, is action insufficient for the full range of motion? An external force is required to perform this activity.

Free Excercise

It is performed by the practitioner with his/her muscular efforts, irrespective of any resistance of force and gravity.

Resisted Exercise

An external force is applied to the body to oppose the muscular contraction force, which results in enhancement in muscle power and hypertrophy.

At Alignbody Physiotherapy Center, all the techniques are followed with special care and caution under the surveillance of experts and professionals under the supervision of Dr. Richa Gupta, an APBC practitioner from Robbie Goodrum (Thailand and USA).

You can contact us to book an appointment. Before undergoing the procedure, a physiotherapist will check your situation because not every patient will be suggested to take exercise therapy

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