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Get 360° physio care at AlignBody Physiotherapy Clinic Delhi, your getaway for quick pain relief. Best Physiotherapy Center in Delhi, committed to offer quality physiotherapy services and easy health facility access for you.

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Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi NCR For Holistic Treatment

Not all body pains can be treated with medicines. Chronic condition can decrease your productivity by up to 50%. Escape such a situation with our drug-free approach to healing faster at AlignBody Physiotherapy Clinic Delhi. Our experts provide personalized treatment plans to meet your unique needs.

The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure effective and holistic recovery, enabling you to achieve optimal health and well-being through natural, non-invasive methods. Still thinking? Visit us today to embark on a journey to healthy you.

Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi NCR

A Modern, Holistic & Drug-Free Approach Towards Pain Relief

Struggling With Chronic Body Pain?

Back Pain Therapy At AlignBody Physiotherapy Clinic Delhi
Back Pain
Spine Pain Therapy At AlignBody Physiotherapy Clinic
Spine Pain
Migraine Treatment At AlignBody Physiotherapy Clinic
Cervical Pain Therapy At AlignBody
Cervical Pain
Sciatica Pain Treatment At AlignBody
Sciatica Pain
Tail Bone Pain Therapy At AlignBody
Tail Bone Pain
Shoulder Pain Therapy At Best Physiotherapy Center in Delhi
Shoulder Pain
Sleep Disorder Treatment At Best Physiotherapy Center in Delhi
Sleep Disorder
Ankle Pain Therapy At AlignBody
Ankle Pain
Muscle Pain Treatment At Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi NCR
Muscle Pain

Explore Our Range of Services at AlignBody Physiotherapy Clinic



Experience how AlignBody Chiropractic Care transforms lives with personalised treatment and holistic healing of your neuromuscular disorder.


Myofascial Therapy

Unlock better living through targeted massage that eases pain in stiff and tight muscles.


Dry Needling Therapy

Restore mobility and body functioning with our proven treatment for musculoskeletal pain.



Enhance your overall health by improving joint mobility, muscle strength, and physical functionality of the body.



Promote healing by reducing pain and improve muscle functioning by electrical stimulation.

More Services

Explore Other Services

Change your lifestyle with a kick to physiotherapy. Know more about other services at the best physiotherapy center in Delhi.

Learn Why We're Rated Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi NCR

Our work is backed by 6 guiding principles that not just address your pain but also concentrate on your overall well-being.

Drug-Free Healing

Medicines can heal your chronic body pain temporarily which is why we choose a 100% drug-free approach to leave a positive impact on your health.

Care Beyond Treatment

Our holistic healthcare approach focuses on your long-term wellness, personalised care, and enhanced overall care even after the treatment is completed.

Personalised Services

Experience physiotherapy services to ensure effective treatment and optimal recovery.

Certified Physiotherapist

Our team of expert physiotherapists are skilled and equipped with the procedures to help you recover faster.

Leading-Edge Technology

We assure upbeat technology that makes every possibility larger to make you feel better.

Address The Root Cause

Our team of healthcare experts find the cause of the pain before we start the care.

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Chronic body pain can leave you homebound and stuck. And this is why we made quick care accessible via calls for your convenience. Avoid settling for no care or local care as pain can leave you hassled.

Our team does not compromise on offering healthcare services.

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Best Physiotherapy Center in Delhi

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Dr. Richa Gupta - The Torchbearer at AlignBody Physiotherapy Clinic

Leading founder of AlignBody, Dr. Richa Gupta is the Best Physiotherapist in East Delhi. She bears in mind the intent to relieve individuals from chronic body pain. With 14+ years of rich experience in treating patients with different chronic pains, Dr. Richa has contributed to changing the lives of thousands of people.
She is certified in APBC practice from ‘Robbie Goodrum’ in the USA and Thailand. Dr. Richa Gupta has a Diploma in Osteopathy from Ontanio and is a certified Mat Pilates Instructor from Ireland.
She is the Best Chiropractor near in  East Delhi and also her expertise extends to Cupping Therapy, Kinesio-Taping, Bone alignment, treating Discal problems, Dry Needling, and Manual Therapy.

Dr. Richa Gupta | AlignBody Physiotherapy Clinic

Dr. Richa Gupta

– Managing Director

Dr. Richa Gupta | AlignBody Physiotherapy Clinic
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Trusted Physio Care Experts & Innovative Technology

Being the best physiotherapy clinic in Delhi NCR makes us responsible to offer physiotherapy from our expert healthcare professionals. Our innovative technology speaks aloud as it enables you to recover faster.

The approach at AlignBody ensures personalised care tailored to an individual’s needs for optimal health and mobility. The entire journey is not to boast how much we put in but is about how sooner you revive from chronic pain.

At AlignBody, 20k+ lives have changed till now, one patient at a time!

Patient Testimonials

Listen from our patients who experienced life changing relief from chronic pain.

Awesome ! Amazing !! Wonderful!!!! A saviour ... !!! I must say .. Wishes n luv to Richa Gupta & the team who helped me in getting rid off the spine pain)... !!! Must visit physiotherapist center to live better life without pain .. !!

    Reema Goel

    Finest clinic i have ever come across. Had lower back pain since 3 months. It went away With just 2 sessions . Hats off to this young Lady . Looks she really has Magic in her hands.

      Tarun Agarwal

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      Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi NCR
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