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Welcome to AlignBody, your trusted destination for Physiotherapist in East Delhi. Our team of expert physiotherapists is dedicated to providing personalized and effective care to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

At AlignBody, we understand the unique needs of our clients, and our Physiotherapist in East Delhi are committed to delivering tailored solutions to address a wide range of concerns. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, or seeking preventive care, our skilled professionals are here to guide you on your journey to better health.

AlignBody is more than just a physiotherapy clinic; it’s a place where you can expect compassionate care, expert guidance, and a commitment to your overall well-being. Schedule an appointment with our

, and let us support you on your path to a pain-free and healthier life. Your journey to wellness begins here at AlignBody.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Align Body is to provide exceptional physiotherapy services that empower individuals to achieve optimal health, mobility, and quality of life. We are dedicated to delivering personalized care, utilizing evidence-based practices, and fostering a supportive environment that promotes healing and well-being.

Our Vision

Our vision at Align Body is to be a leading physiotherapy clinic recognized for excellence in patient care, innovation, and outcomes. We strive to create a positive impact on the lives of our patients by helping them overcome physical challenges, prevent injuries, and enhance their overall physical performance.

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Who is Dr. Richa Gupta?

A Master Degree holder, Dr. Richa Gupta is specialised in Orthopedics and Spine physiotherapy. She holds certified training on APBC practice from ‘Robbie Goodrum’ from USA & Thailand. Alongside she also has a mastery over the Dry Needling therapy and is actively offering her services as a Dry Needling Practitioner and a Manual Therapist in Align Body Physiotherapy clinic in Delhi. The list doesn’t stop here as Dr. Richa also holds expertise in Cupping Therapy, Kinesio-Taping, Bone alignment, and treatment of Discal problems.

With a vast successful 9 years of practitioner experience in this industry, Dr. Richa Gupta is currently giving her services as the MD of Align Body- Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi. She has been recognized at many conferences and events and has gained many awards for her valuable contribution to the health sector and her dedicated work toward the people.

Dr. Richa Gupta | AlignBody Physiotherapy Clinic

Dr. Richa Gupta

– Managing Director

Dr. Richa Gupta | Dr Richa Gupta AlignBody physiotherapy

Choose AlignBody For Physiotherapy Treatment

Our dedicated therapists combine expertise with personalized care, ensuring each session is tailored to your unique needs. Take charge of your well-being and embrace a revitalized and active life with AlignBody’s Best Physiotherapy in Delhi.

Personalized Care

Our dedicated professionals tailor treatments to address your specific health concerns, ensuring a customized approach.

Beyond Treatment

AlignBody Clinic's commitment goes beyond mere treatment; we are dedicated to improving and transforming your overall quality of life.

Unique Blend of Care

We stand out by offering a unique combination of cutting-edge treatments, compassionate care, and a holistic perspective on well-being.

Holistic Approach

We focus on addressing both the root causes and symptoms of your health issues, providing comprehensive care.

Patient Empowerment

We believe in giving you the knowledge and tools necessary to take control of your well-being and achieve lasting vitality.


Our team works closely with you, fostering a collaborative relationship to ensure your health and wellness goals are met.

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