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Best Neuro Rehabilitation Therapy Clinic in Jagriti Enclave, East Delhi

Say Goodbye to Your Neurology Challenges.

NeuroRehabilitation Therapy Clinic in East Delhi:

Neurological diseases are becoming common and it’s a dangerous sign to be. Most common people understand only one solution worth trying and that’s medicines. But they come with some potential side effects. 

Neuro Rehabilitation Therapy is one of the prime segments of Physiotherapy treatment procedure that addresses the neuro diseases, ailments, and injuries. It is your door to naturally heal your neuro issues with zero side-effects. 

AlignBody NeuroRehabilitation Therapy Clinic in East Delhi helps you to release all your neuro health problems within a couple of sessions. The Neuro Rehabilitation therapy includes several specialists and includes them as per the requirement. This therapy includes several sub-therapies that are important to address the neuro issues an individual is going through. 

AlignBody NeuroRehabilitation therapy offers you a combined & personalised treatment procedure that is natural, effective, and comes with zero side-effects.

Myofascial Release MFR

What is NeuroRehabilitation Therapy?

NeuroRehabilitation therapy comes under the prime segments of Physiotherapy treatment. It deals and treats the health issues related to all Neurological problems. Thus a wide range of health problems and several therapies come under the treatment.

The specific treatment may vary with individuals. Doctors may suggest you some of these following therapies mentioned.

Physical Assessment therapy.
Language & Voice therapy.
Cognitive Therapy.
Occupational Therapy.
Computer Assisted Technological therapy

Each therapy must be done under the supervision of an expert. AlignBody makes sure to fulfil all the requirements needed to help you. The therapy is tailored to meet individual needs of a patient and thus requires an in-depth understanding of their issues. No assessment should be done without prior knowledge of a doctor. AlignBody NeuroRehabilitation Therapy Clinic in Delhi should be your one stop for such neurological health issues. We feature a well-trained team of experts in the field of natural treatment procedures. A well-trained team of doctors will examine you with all your medical history for better-personalised treatment.

Why Choose AlignBody?

AlignBody comes under the top Neurorehabilitation therapy clinic in East Delhi with a team of highly qualified and expertise holder doctors. We have been actively serving the patients and their families for 9+ years. With a 85% success record, we are a name for exclusive support, treatment, and transparent communication that we consider important among patients & healers.

Expertise in Treatment:

We have gathered the best of the minds under one name AlignBody. They are top physiotherapists awarded from top international schools and completely capable of conducting treatment operations.

Advanced Treatment Methods:

We follow only the proven treatment methods to heal our patients. You will be exposed to traditional methods as well as the modern effective & comfortable methods of treatment as well.

Personalised Treatment:

Each person goes through different neurological issues. We keep extreme care about this fact and design all our programs only for one individual at a time.

Comfortable and Relaxing Environment:

The AlignBody clinic environment focuses solely on giving a warm, friendly, comfortable space to all beneficiaries. Warm understanding communication is also a part of our treatment.

Easily Accessed:

Our clinic is easily accessible to all. We are operating only at Vikas Marg, Delhi where you will find all amenities from transportation to fooding & lodging at a few metres only.

Benefits of NeuroRehabilitation Therapy:

What Neuro Rehabilitation Therapy Effective For?

For all who have been suffering through neurological issues, we are your next stop for all your rightful treatment. Relax and sit back, let us heal you.

Motion & Movement


Speech & Language

Sports Injuries

Spinal Cord Injury

Muscle Spasms

Traumatic Brain Injury

Emotional Upliftment

Cerebral Palsy

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

We are Proud to Share

AlignBody NeuroRehabilitation Therapy Clinic in East Delhi has been actively treating families to regain their strength, endurance, and flexibility as well as cognitive abilities & behavioural capabilities under the supervision of Dr. Richa Gupta who herself is a graduate from the top physiotherapy college in the USA. Our core philosophy is healthy living with zero dependency medicines at all.

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Your Health,
Our Joy

These reviews are a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team, as well as the positive impact our services have had on the lives of our patients.

I had a shoulder injury and felt like I will take a lot of time to recover but thanks to the doctor I was almost healed in 2 sessions. The staff is also very well behaved and cordial. Highly recommend visiting here in case of any sort of physical injury⭐️

    Yash Bhansali

    Awesome ! Amazing !! Wonderful!!!! A saviour ... !!! I must say .. Wishes n luv to Ruchi Gupta and the team who supported and helped me in getting rid off the spine pain (slip disc)... !!! Must visit physiotherapist centre to live better life without pain .. !!

      Reema Goel

      Finest clinic i have ever come across. Had lower back pain since 3 months. It went away With just 2 sessions . Hats off to this young Lady . Looks she really has Magic in her hands.

        Tarun Agarwal

        Choose AlignBody NeuroRehabilitation Therapy Clinic in Jagriti Enclave, East Delhi:

        We understand you are going through several neurological issues including both mental & physical. From minor to major setbacks, it can lead you to a very uncomfortable situation under pain. 

        At AlignBody, we offer a complete treatment of all your physiotherapy needs. We are a Rehabilitation centre where we will design a treatment program only for you without meds and surgeries.

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